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Monday, August 17, 2009

sch was fine,did alot of things
reach home bath and do hw
stupid blogger gt problem again
cannot upload photos
nvm,post for fun

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Monday, August 3, 2009

Today had chinese and chem test,chinese dint finish de last question,chem i know how to do most of de question,bt dk correct anot.then had chem lesson,quite sian until do de example on chemical equation,i like to do chemical equation & ionic equation.then poa lesson then recess went to eat ler then went up to 3a3 chat wif martin and nellie,then went back for math lesson, no math textbook so borrow from 3a3 a guy,play true or dare wif bilguun then i choose dare,she give me a very difficult job to do.then had phy lesson,so boring until i fall asleep.then chinese lesson, i nv bring de textbook so borrow from martin,miss tao came back bt just for today cos she packing her things,then can say we play a game,we must remember de chinese quote,then she will give us a chinese book,all de book quite ex.then weilun wan a book,so he keep on reading and remember de quote,he keep making us laugh, bt de book gt ppl take away ler,then he take other book.after sch went to find martin then walk wif him around then went to pp took bus62 to hougang to yoke xin house then to martin house,then went to eat mac,chat alot then they wait until my bus come then they go.reach home bath,and do something.then revise phy and math.
goin to study ler.

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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Today morning watch tv until forgot nid to go sch then faster go meet delya at bus stop.saw clementi two times,then reach sch chat wif delya and elizabeth,then chinese lesson,miss tao nv come,do worksheet,then poa lesson did alot of question.recess,after recess something happen,then ss lesson,can say did nt hv lesson at all lor,cos teacher late for 15-20min.then em,de room was cold again,then today finish lesson at 1.30pm,early then other class,then while waiting for other class de em to finish,chat wif martin and elizabeth,we chat abt alot of things.then they keep saying me,dont wan to say abt it ler,then 2.30pm went back to class,then went take instrument then went to eat,after tat went to practice until 5+ then went to some where,then went to wait for delya then sleep on de floor cos tired,then chat walk around,saw many ppl playing basketball,then help softball member keep their things then went off around 6.30pm,took bus,then stop at west plaza wif delya then mummy at there so went home wif her
had dinner then bath watch tv,revise phy and chem cos gt test then bb i goin to sleep ler.

Last Romance@11:11 PM

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Today woke up early,around 8.30am,then bath and prepare,then went to whitesand meet bilgnn and tony,ate breakfast together,then bus to downtown east,went stright to wild wild wet,put bag in locker,then went to find martin,neille,kim.had alot of fun today,then tat stupid martin kick me,and tony keep turning me upside down,then vs swimming wif tony at shiok river,then around 2pm went to hv lunch,ate kfc,tony was so hungry tat he ate so much,after tat went back to shiok river,play catching i think then when i am goin to catch tony,gt one group of guy suddenly stand beside me and ask for my no.,then i quickly go and find tony,after tat went to Tsunami,de wave current quite strong,then went to ular-lar,tat was fun,everybody sit together then off we go.then play de slide up wif bilgnn,then went back to shiok river,then keep seeing tat guy tat ask for my no.then he keep coming close to me,luckly gt tony,then chase them away.then around 5+ bilgnn went off first,then de rest of us went to Tsunami again,sleep while waiting for de wave,then went off around 6.30,went to whitesand then we went separte way,kim took mrt,i buy food,then martin,neille and tony took bus 89 home.went to meet aaron,then chat for awhile,then we took bus home,he send me home then went to play basketball.reach home,bath,eat and sleep,then use com.
Had alot of fun wif tony,bilgnn,martin,neille and kim,at there from 11am - 6.30pm,my skin colour change,then gt sunburn,very pain!!

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Friday, July 24, 2009

today lesson was ok,after sch stay back for chem remindel,after tat play game wif ppl then walk around and chat wif ppl then keep seeing andy,then help red-cross memeber do baner,then when goin home wif peter,his friend suddenly came and say de piano in de hall was nt lock,so we went up,then his friend play de piano very well,after tat went off wif peter,went to de sidegate de bus stop there,on de way chat alot wif him.then took bus home,bath,watch tv,and use com.

Last Romance@8:39 PM

Thursday, July 23, 2009

de only pic tat can be upload ):

Today wake up quite late,prepare then went down meet aaron,he walk wif me to west plaza 7-11,he bought drink and food for me,cos he say he scared i faint in sch again,then wen to bus stop wait for delya,took bus,reach sch chat and sleep,vanlop dint come today,then ss,then pe,play batimation wif elizabeth and vivian,then went to buy drink,share wif elizabeth and delya.then phy lesson copy here and there,then recess then chem,do experiment wif jianing,quite fun,time pass very fast then math bend into 2 group,delya in another group,she went to math room,then left me bilgnn,lesson was ok la,nt use to using de curve ruler,after tat was geog lesson,went to geog room,do clay model of headland and bay,very fun bt my hand turn purple colour,after sch went to wash hand then went back to class take back math test,then send bilgnn to side gate then back to class aagin wait for delya,while waiting miss lee ask me to do my correction,then went off around 3pm,bus to west plaza eat then went home bath use com for awhile then went swimming(haha aaron should know wat i mean)then eat dinner use com.
I think i wan to change to use livejournal ler,blogger gt alot of problem then cannot upload photos.

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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Today wake up quite early,then prepare ok ler still gt time so watch tv,then went to meet delya,took bus,no place to sit,then hv to sit wif teacher,suddenly it rain,walk throught de rain then we are wet,went to class do chinese hw then sleep,chinese lesson,teacher talk abt alot of things then hv spelling then do letter writing,then hv 1,5hrs of poa,did test then mr ng give us 10 mins to rest,sleep then copy notes,then recess,went to hall,then is ss,bt before ss,i suddenly cry cos of some reason,then em,same as last time de com room was really very cold,today lesson did alot of typing,quite fun today,then sleep for 10mins cos de teacher is helping others on their work,after sch went to whitesand wif delya and bilgnn,went to KFC to eat,then went to popular buy thing then went home wif delya,bilgnn took mrt home,reach home bath and use com,goin to watch tv ler

Last Romance@5:22 PM

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Today wale up,daddy send me to sch,cos gt instrument to bring to sch,in class,saw delya and nis they very pretty,then went to de restroom stay there until,martin came,then walk wif him to water cooler then he ask me i ok ler mah,cos gt fever,then suddenly de national song start we stay still at de water cooler there then finish ler went back to class,had eng then ss,during ss lesson went for dental check up,then math,recess stay in class then poa,then geog,then pc,pc was fun,some of them do de poster,then dont nid so many ppl de mah,so some of us walk around de class and outside class,then play alot of things,throw my water bottle here and there,then pretend we r bar tander cos my bottle look like de wine bottle,then run here and there,alot of laughter,after sch went for math retest,then went to eat then went for orchestra,learn new song then after cca went home wif Bilgnn,chat alot wif her in de bus,reach home bath then do hw and wait for mummy to buy food back,then eat ler,watch tv,then read new moon then suddenly fall asleep,then forgot to off laptop,luckly gt wake up again,bt saw gt so many ppl on msn talk to me(sorry,nv reply u all,cos i fall asleep)then blog and off com.

Last Romance@11:11 PM

Monday, July 20, 2009

Today wake up around 6.30am,then bath,wait for daddy and mummy to gt ready then daddy send mummy to work and me to sch,reach sch,do finish phy and chem hw then went to sleep,eng lesson,mr wang nv come,do N level book,then do halfway fall asleep wif de pen on my hand,then delya say i like tat also can sleep.then chem,teacher cry when she came in to our class,we all was like very worried,then she tell us y she cry,after tat she somehow ok ler,chem was quite easy,know how to do,then poa lesson,quite ok,then recess,coform ask me to go back to take temp,bt no key,so climb through de window,took,temp 37.9 then took bag go tat place again,then drink alot of water,then take again,once i saw 37.5 i quickly take it out,then can go back to class,saw martn,then he buy drink for me(he treat me again,haha thanks!) then went back to his class,chat wif him,abt something,then went back to class for math,then phy,then chinese
after sch went for lunch,then went to history room for extra ss lesson,then went off around 4pm then took bus,stop at west plaza wif delya,bought food then went home.reach home take temp again,still gt fever,so eat medic,bath then sleep.wake up around 7+,do hw,nth to say ler
goin to watch ghost show ler.

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Friday, July 17, 2009

Today went to sch,dont feel like doin anything,so me and vanlop sleep until ppl wake us up,
then eng and cme dint do anything,continue sleeping,then went for health check at 9+,skip math lesson,during de health check,alot of funny things happen,de room was fill wif laughter,then went back to class,saw martin,then pei him go gerenal office,then wait for him to change then went to canteen,he treat me a drink(thanks martin !)then went back to his class wif him,chat wif him,until recess over,bt still in his class talking to him,we chat abt alot of things,then chat abt de cat&dog food again,cos he still haven eat,then chinese,then geog lesson do model using clay,very fun,bt it make over hand super dirty,then tat stupid vanlop used his hand and touch my head,stupid,make my hair gt de clay,then went to wash hand,saw martin walking out from his class,then ask him to shake my hand,haha his hand also gt dirty ler,then tony suddenly say change de outing to today,bt martin wan it on sun.then we went wash hand and went to take bus home,actually goin to brandon house wif delya,bt in de end nv go,cos of some reason,then went swimming(aaron should know wat i mean,haha)eat,bath,sleep
yay goin to watch Harry Potter and the half blood prince wif martin,tony,nellie,kim and others on sun. :D

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Im Gladys Wong Greendale Secondary 15 this year Greendale Orchestra

-the colour blue
-likes to eat chocolate
-listening to song
-love him




- New Handphone
- Good Results
- Promote To 4A1
- Trip To Japan
- Trip To USA
- That Big Big eeyore
- Watch The Sunset
- Work
- Go out wif my loveone







Ben Tan


Ching Ping

Choon wee

Clarice Lee









Greendale orchestra




Jie Jun

Jie Min Avere


Jing Wen















Yilin mei


Yu Shi